The Hidden Delete Song Button in the iOS 10 Music App

So this is weird. Stephen Redford pointed out on Twitter that there’s a hidden button in the iOS 10 Music app that allows you to delete a song. It’s located at the bottom left of the Now Playing window. It’s about where the red circle is on this screenshot:

Hidden delete button

When you tap that button, here’s what you see:

Delete song

Though that’s an odd place to put such a button; I don’t ever recall a Delete button being on the front screen of the Music app. You can tap the … button to bring up a dialog and tap Delete from Library to do the same thing, and that’s where such a button should be; it shouldn’t be something that you can tap accidentally.

Note that this is the case in the iOS 10 GM, which should be the final version of the operating system, but given the number of bugs I’ve seen in this version, I’m pretty sure there will be an update on Tuesday, when it is released to the general public.

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