The iPad Pro and Smudges

I upgraded from an iPad Air 2 to a 9.7″ iPad Pro recently. I like the device, in particular because of the excellent speakers. I sometimes like watching videos in bed – streamed from Netflix, or Amazon Prime, or my Plex library – and the sound is good enough that I don’t need headphones.

I’ve noticed one annoyance with the iPad Pro however: the display shows smudges much more than previous iPads. I thought it was just me, but during yesterday’s episode of The Committed podcast, I mentioned this, and my co-host Ian Schray said that he has noticed the same thing. I need to keep a soft cloth handy to wipe the screen down often, especially if I am watching a video.

I took this picture after wiping my iPad Pro, then tapping my fingers on it a couple dozen times. It’s hard to get a good photo, so I had to put it in direct sunlight, which does amplify the smudges a bit, but much of what you see below is visible in normal light:

Ipad pro smudges

I think this is because of the new less reflective coating on the display. I am happy that it reflects less, but I find it very annoying that it smudges so much. To be honest, I would have been happy with the iPad Air 2 coating; smudges were less visible, and the reflectivity didn’t bother me.

What about you? If you have an iPad Pro, have you noticed the same thing?