The iPhone at 10: Still No Major Malware

Many people are writing about the success of the iPhone, and how ten years on, we can clearly see how it changed personal computing. As the fastest-selling consumer electronic device ever, this pocket computer has swept across the globe like a tsunami, selling hundreds of millions of units. In the past year alone, Apple has sold more than 200 million iPhones.

One of the biggest successes of the iPhone is its security. In a time when surfing the web has its dangers, there has been no serious malware in the ten years of its existence. Computer users have long been used to needing anti-virus software on their devices, especially on Windows PCs. Generally speaking, this software can slow down computers, isn’t totally reliable, and may be costly. (Free anti-virus software exists, but paid software is always better and more efficient.) Yet we simply don’t need this on the iPhone.

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