The iTunes MiniStore: Apple Does the Right Thing

It wasn’t so hard after all…

As reported here, in an article entitled iTunes: Apple’s New Spyware and Adware Application?, Apple rolled in a new feature to iTunes 6.02, called the iTunes MiniStore. (Read the above linked article for more about this feature and the security issues it raises.) Apple unofficially told a Macworld journalist that it was not collecting data, but I, and many privacy advocates, felt that this was not enough, and wondered why Apple could not simply have iTunes display a warning that explains what this features does.

But today, Apple did the right thing.Well, checking the MiniStore this morning I saw this warning:

And this shows above the button that hides the MiniStore:

I’m pleased that Apple decided to make this change, and reassured that the company has listened to its critics, and that it has reacted so quickly. (A week is not that long for such a large company to react.) Apple, you have restored my faith. Thanks!