The iTunes Store, Apple Music, and Readability

I was listening to some music by Bill Frisell today on Apple Music. I wanted to read his biography. Here’s what it looks like:

Itunes bio

While I had to shrink the screenshot a bit for it to fit here, you can tell that it’s pretty much unreadable even at full size. With a text of about 1,400 words, and no paragraph breaks, it’s very hard to follow. In addition, the text takes up half the width of my 27″ iMac’s display. I can make the window narrower, so the lines are shorter, and a bit easier to read, but it’s still very difficult.

It wouldn’t take much for Apple to make these texts readable. It’s surprising that they don’t seem to think about such things. Perhaps they only look at these texts on an iPhone or iPad…

On the iTunes Store, however, it has breaks, and is more readable (though the lines are still too long):

Itunes bio

So they realize that breaks are useful, but don’t care about them on Apple Music?