The Many Shades of (Apple’s) Space Gray

David Chartier pointed out something interesting on Twitter. He noticed that the “space gray” of the iPod touch is “roughly 300% more space gray than the iPhone.” I have both of those devices is space gray, and the difference is striking. I don’t notice it because I use a case on my iPhone.

I also happen to have the original iPad mini in space gray, and what’s interesting is that this device has a totally different color. Here’s a photo, with, left to right, iPad mini, iPhone 6s, and iPod touch (latest generation).

Space gray

It’s not easy to tell in this light, but the iPad is a bit bluer, sort of like a steel blue, and the iPhone really doesn’t look very gray next to the other devices. It’s worth noting that my Apple Watch, which is also space gray, is almost the same color as the iPod touch, not the iPhone. And the MacBook matches the iPhone. So Apple has a wide range of space grays, and they use different tones for different devices.