The New Kindle Oasis is Waterproof

I’ve long wanted a waterproof Kindle to read in the bath. Amazon just announced the new Kindle Oasis, which is waterproof. (, Amazon UK)

Great idea, for the bath, the beach, and the pool (for those who have the latter). It’s still a bit pricey, but they’ve lowered the price a bit. And it comes with either 8 GB or 32 GB storage; the larger capacity is only $30 more. You won’t need that storage for books, but if you want to put audiobooks on it, it will come in handy. (That’s new to the Kindle Oasis too.) And you can get a cellular model for a bit more.

Note that this Kindle Oasis doesn’t come in two parts like the previous model. Amazon does sell a fabric cover, that seems to cling to the device by magnets (, Amazon UK) and a leather version of the same case (, Amazon UK).

I’m tempted.