The Next Track, Episode #134 – Downsizing Your Audio System

The Next Track Blue Flat Button2 400pxChris Connaker, of the Computer Audiophile website, joins us to discuss downsizing audio systems. You really can get good sound with a minimal setup these days, and Chris explains how.

Listen to The Next Track: Episode 134 – Downsizing Your Audio System.

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0 thoughts on “The Next Track, Episode #134 – Downsizing Your Audio System

  1. I had to chuckle when Kirk mentioned getting rid of wires was one of man’s basic desires. I have been entrapped by the maze of wires in my home all of my adult life. Since I tend to not get rid of things…my home is a repository for nearly all of my hi-fi equipment purchases over 45 years. Those systems have found their way into every room in my home attached to a TV as their sound system. All connected via ethernet with Apple TV’s & Airport Expresses.
    This episode was (as customary) dead on target for me. I would like to give away all but 2 of my systems and downsize to all in one wireless speaker options. Probably will never have the budget to get it done but this episode sure gave me some ideas. Thank you Kirk and Doug.

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