The Next Track, Episode #139 – In Which We Bid Farewell

The Next Track Blue Flat Button2 400pxIt’s been a long, strange trip, and it’s time to get truckin’ on.

Listen to The Next Track: Episode #139 – In Which We Bid Farewell.

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0 thoughts on “The Next Track, Episode #139 – In Which We Bid Farewell

  1. Wow! How abrupt! And you guys didn’t even discuss a new, last topic!! I’m trying to be, uh, professional, and ‘move on.’

    Also, I always downloaded the episodes and never subscribed in iTunes! I quite certain I listened to at least 80 percent of the episodes.

    Doug: I hope your floors are crystal clean.

  2. An unexpected end, but I can understand your reasons for winding it down. Thanks gents, for the run of episodes – really enjoyed most of the interview shows.

  3. Also surprised by the abrupt end but grateful for all the shows that came our way. I will especially miss the next tracks segment at the end as I got ahold of some really great music that way!

    But you made the right decision — when it starts to be a chore and doesn’t pay the bills, it’s hard to justify the time.

    My own adventure right now is in digitizing some of our vinyl. My next tracks are lots of records I haven’t touched in over 25 years.

    Thanks for what you and Doug did — it was great podcast.

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