The Next Track, Episode #168 – L’Affaire Sonos and Obsolescence in Audio Equipment

Andy Doe joins us again to discuss the perils of having software-controlled audio equipment. After the Affaire Sonos, when the company announced that a lot of its older products would become “obsolete,” perhaps it’s time to think more carefully about how long hardware we buy will last, when it depends on software.

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4 thoughts on “The Next Track, Episode #168 – L’Affaire Sonos and Obsolescence in Audio Equipment

  1. A few years ago, I bought into the Yamaha MusicCast ecosystem (I’m agnostic on whether I made the right choice). The new Yamaha MusicCast devices can use AirPlay2, but mine cannot. The rumor is that Yamaha didn’t want to pay new licenses to Apple for AirPlay2.

    This is frustrating, and not the business decision I would make, but I’m a scientist and not a business man. I don’t know if it would be feasible for Yamaha/Apple to charge fees (reasonable, of course) for updating firmware so that I don’t have to replace my whole setup every 5 years.

    BTW, I took some frustration to get the multiroom syncing with MusicCast to work well — primarily I had to replace my WiFi setup with an Eero mesh system. There are still some hiccoughs when I send music from an iOS device to the AppleTV that is connected to my Yamaha AV receiver and this cuts out. This whole problem would be solved if Apple made a remote controller app that displayed the AppleTV screen on the iOS device. The bottom line here is that living in an interconnected world with multiple manufacturers is hard. It’s a wonder the whole internet works at all.

    • I had two Yamaha receivers in recent years, but I never wanted to get involved in the MusicCast system. I don’t care about synchronizing music in multiple rooms, so I just used AirPlay to stream to them. To be honest, I would be hesitant about a vendor-specific platform like that of Yamaha, or something like AirPlay, which, while proprietary, is widely adopted now.

      • Even more than music, my major interest in multiroom syncing is for podcasts and news programs. That, plus I live alone so there’s no one to complain about my audio imperialiism.

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