The Next Track, Episode #193 – Is Stereo Wrong?

Is stereo the right way to listen to music? After all, it is an artificial attempt to reproduce the sound of live music. Perhaps we should revolt against the tyranny of the sweet spot.

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4 thoughts on “The Next Track, Episode #193 – Is Stereo Wrong?

    • Did we say anywhere that mono is “right?” To be honest, however, when I listen to some really well recorded mono albums from the pre- and early-stereo era, they sound great. The spatial information comes out in the room you’re listening in. They don’t sound artificial, though they sound a bit limited.

  1. I guess I will have to listen to the episode before providing an in-depth response. But stereo is my favorite listening modality, and has been for about fifty years. Almost everyone who ‘listens to music today’ makes the same choice, with either speakers or headphones. Are you dabbling in click-bait titles for your episodes?

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