The tragic tale of a shattered Apple Watch

I stood shivering in front of a pawn shop in Queens on a freezing December day, staring up at the bright yellow awning offering “Cash for Diamonds Gold Silver Coins.” Beneath that, the store promised “Professional iPhone Repair on the Spot.”

I didn’t want cash or an iPhone repair. I was looking for the only business in New York City that could fix my shattered Apple Watch screen. My search proved futile, but you can take a lesson from my tale of woe: Consider AppleCare+ if you’re buying an Apple Watch, because Apple is the only reliable repair service I could find.

My Macworld colleague Caitlin McGarry recounts her tale of woe trying to get a broken Apple Watch fixed at a reasonable cost. Interestingly, I haven’t heard of many people who have broken theirs (this is the crystal, not the watch itself).

Interestingly, here in the UK, a man sued Apple for their claims that the Apple watch was “resistant to scratches and impact” and won. Apple has had to change their product information in the UK.

I do take offense with one thing Caitlin says:

I schlepped back out to Queens…

As a native of the best outer borough of New York City, I think Caitlin should have been delighted at a chance to discover that wonderful area, which so many New Yorkers ignore. 🙂

Source: The tragic tale of a shattered Apple Watch | Macworld