Things Broken in iTunes 12.6

Apple released iTunes 12.6 a few days ago, and re-released it yesterday. (Why was it re-released? This might explain part of it.)

As we’ve been seeing in recent times, every new Apple release contains a number of really obvious bugs and interface glitches. Here’s what I’ve found so far.

Up next clearThe Clear button for the Up Next queue is at the bottom of the list, rather than at the top, which is a lot more logical. And sometimes, when I click the Up Next button on the MiniPlayer, it opens scrolled to the bottom, as you can see at the left. This makes the Clear button – well, text link – more visible, but it doesn’t show the next upcoming tracks. There’s no logical reason to put this button at the bottom of the list. It’s bad design, bad usability, and, frankly, it’s just lazy to allow iTunes to ship like this.

History glitches. If I click the Up Next button in the iTunes window, or in the MiniPlayer, then click History, I sometimes see just a few tracks like in the screenshot below, then a bunch of tracks that are dimmed, that I cannot access, and for which I cannot invoke the menu by clicking the … button.


The MiniPlayer close button was buggy. Sometimes it would not display, and you had to resize the window to make it visible. This appears to be fixed in the second version of iTunes 12.6.

TV & Movies in the Music library. This is no longer visible by default, as it was in the first release of iTunes 12.6, but it’s still visible behind the Edit menu. I think it’s because of this.

For now, that’s all I’ve found. Feel free to post a comment if you’ve found antything broken in iTunes 12.6.