This is the Best New Feature in iOS 10

Yeah, I’m getting old. I need glasses. I have reading glasses, computer glasses, and long-distance glasses. I also have a magnifying glass on my desk for fine print. For example, a tech gadget I got yesterday has one of those “manuals” which is an A4 piece of paper folded six times, with the instructions in 12 languages. The font size is about 6 points.

So when I read about this new feature in iOS 10, I cried “huzzah!”

With iOS 10, you can use your iOS device as a magnifying glass. You heard me right.

To do this, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Magnifier, and toggle on the Magnifier.

Magnifier settings

To use the magnifier, press the home button three times. You’ll see something like this:

Magnifier settings

iOS uses your camera as a magnifier. You can adjust the zoom with the slider, and if you tap the big round button, the display freezes so you can look closely at something.

I know I’ll be using this often.