Thoughts on the New iPad Pro

I certainly didn’t need a new iPad. I had a 9.7″ iPad Pro I bought last March, which I liked very much. But hearing about the new model made me interested. While 9.7 inches is a good size for an iPad, having almost another inch in diagonal makes a big difference. Personally, I don’t think I could use the 12.9″ iPad; that one is just too big. But I’m finding that the new 10.5″ model is really the Goldilocks size. (I never believed the rumor is that Apple would have three large-sized iPads; I always felt that the 10.5″ model would replace the 9.7″.)

Apple has managed to deliver an iPad with a larger screen but which is barely bigger than the previous model. It is visibly taller, but it is hardly wider than the iPad form factor that we have been used to for several years. With thinner bezels, the actual display size is notably larger. 

Apple has highlighted how much brighter this display is; it’s true, but I don’t use my iPad outside, so I don’t think I will really notice the difference very much. However, as many people who have used the new iPad in the past week have pointed out, the difference in the refresh rate — 120 Hz, compared to 60 Hz — makes everything feel faster. Operations that felt a bit sluggish before — especially scrolling in Safari — are now buttery smooth. The faster processor is also noticeable: everything seems faster on this iPad, but, to be fair, I have never been too concerned about the speed of most things I do on an iPad.

Colors are also much more vibrant. My previous iPad did have True Tone, but the colors on this new one seem a lot more lively. I have been browsing a lot of a Photos on 500px, and this iPad makes these photos look a lot better than on the previous model.

Do you need a new iPad? If you haven’t updated in a couple of generations, and you use your iPad a lot, I would recommend it. You won’t be disappointed by the excellent display on this new device. And with iOS 11 around the corner, this new iPad will be able to take full advantage of its new features.