Tim Cook Calls for Confederate Flags to Be Removed, but What About the App Store?

Tim Cook was one of the high-profile businesspeople who called for the Confederate flag to be removed from South Carolina’s State House, but Apple’s App Store contains a number of apps with that very flag, as 9to5 Mac has pointed out.

Cook confederate flag

Search the App Store for “confederate,” and you’ll find a number of apps displaying this symbol:

Confederate app store

To be fair, not all of these apps are using the flag as a symbol of racism; many discuss the Civil War, where it is certainly justified to display this image (just as displaying a swastika in an app about World War II is valid).

But if Mr. Cook is serious about wanting the symbol removed, it’s a good idea to have a look at the App Store.

Amazon announced that they would remove all such items from their store, but you can still find a few, such as this flag and this mousepad.