Tune Up Your Mac, with Joe Kissell’s Maintaining Your Mac eBook

MaintainingThis great ebook from my colleague and fellow Take Control author Joe Kissell helps you easily perform the basic maintenance routines to ensure that your Mac runs smoothly.

Macs, like all machines, are prone to break down eventually–in either a physical sense (a component going bad) or a logical sense (files becoming corrupted, apps misbehaving). You can reduce the risk of such problems, and minimize the damage when they do occur, with a regular maintenance regimen. This 116-page book by best-selling author Joe Kissell shows you how to keep your Mac humming. Joe starts with a good spring cleaning and then adds simple daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks, as well as ongoing monitoring.

To keep your Mac in tip-top shape, get Maintaining Your Mac: A Joe On Tech Guide.