Update to My Take Control of macOS Media Apps Book

Tc media appsPretty soon, macOS Big Sur will be released. There aren’t a lot of changes to the macOS media apps – Music, TV, Podcasts, and Books – but the interface of the operating system has changed. There are some noteworthy changes to the Music app, notably the restoration of the ability to display album artwork in Songs view.

So my updated book, Take Control of macOS Media Apps, has just been released, and there will be a minor update when Big Sur is officially available (probably next week). Here’s what the publisher has to say about it:

When Apple replaced iTunes with four different apps (for different kinds of media) last year, Kirk thoroughly revamped his older book Take Control of iTunes 12: The FAQ to cover all the new ways of doing things, and in the process, it got a new title. This book, Take Control of macOS Media Apps, still tells you all about the Music app (including working with Apple Music and iTunes Match), but also walks you through the major features in the TV and Podcasts apps, and helps you organize and listen to audiobooks in the Books app. This update covers the (mostly small) changes in Big Sur, but most of the text applies equally to the Catalina versions of the apps. Buy Take Control of macOS Media Apps for $14.99 or Learn more about the book.

If you already own the book, click Ebook Extras on the cover for information about getting an update.