Use keyboard shortcuts to better navigate iTunes 12.4

Apple released iTunes 12.4, changing a number of interface elements users had become familiar with for navigating their iTunes libraries. There are fewer buttons, and the interface is less cluttered (at least that’s my opinion) but some users are lamenting the loss of some of these buttons and menus which allowed them to move around iTunes with just a few clicks.

It’s true that, for some features, you now need to click a bit more. For example, there was previously a row of icons near the top left of the iTunes window. These icons let you change media libraries, going from Music to Movies, or TV Shows to Audiobooks. But now, there’s a menu that Apple calls the Media Picker; you need to click that menu to choose a media library.

Actually, there’s another, quicker way to switch media libraries. You can do this from the keyboard. And there are lots of other keyboard shortcuts you can use in iTunes to save time. Here’s on overview of the most useful ones.

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