Use Optimize Storage in iOS 10 to Automatically Clear Unplayed Music

If you stream music to your iOS device using Apple Music, or if you sync your music with iCloud Music Library, your iPhone or iPad will download music when you request it. But the more you stream and download, the less free space you have. Fortunately, there’s a setting in iOS 10 that lets you manage this, telling the device to clear unplayed music after a while.

Go to Settings > Music, then look at the Downloads section.

Optimize storage

Tap Optimize Storage, and you can choose how much space to reserve for music:

Optimize storage amount

As the screen explains, this tells iOS to automatically cull some of your music – what you haven’t listened to in the longest time – when you’re short on space. It’ll keep at least the amount of music you specify. So if you really want to hold on to your music, use a high setting; if not, if you need the space, and if you have easy access to streaming, use a lower setting.

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