Use Scrivener Projects to Store Multiple Books or Articles

You can use Scrivener projects to store multiple books or articles, and even use them as an archive of your writings.

Scrivener projects are extremely flexible. You could write a very long novel, a collection of short stories, or a series of articles or blog posts in a Scrivener project. Since Scrivener projects use a folder and file metaphor for storing and arranging texts, they can be used with any type of writing, even screenplays and comics.

If you write books, you may think that the ideal way to work with Scrivener is to create a separate project for each book. But there may be advantages to storing all your books in the same project. If you write short stories, articles, or blog posts, Scrivener‘s organizational features are the best way for you to keep an archive of your writings in a single project.

In this article, I’ll discuss how you can work with multiple books or articles in the same project, how to split projects, and how to merge projects.

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