Use Scrivener’s Project Search to Find Anything in Your Projects

One of the basic features of any word processor or text editor is the find and replace feature. It allows you to search for something in a long document, or to replace words that you discovered that you have misspelled. When writing fiction, you might use the find/replace feature to change a character’s name, or change the name of the location.

Scrivener’s find/replace feature works like that of any other text tool: it allows you to search for and replace text in a file that you are viewing. In Find and Replace Text in Your Scrivener Projects, we look at how to use that feature.

Scrivener has another search feature, called Project Search. This expands the scope of the search feature to every item in your project. Here’s how to use Scrivener’s Project Search.

Here’s how to use Collections in Scrivener projects.

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