Use Smart Albums in Apple Photos to Find Which Lens or Camera You Use Most

If you have a camera and a number of lenses, it can be interesting to see which lens you use the most. If you organize your photos with Apple’s Photos app, you can do this with smart albums. Here’s an example.

I wanted to see which photos I had shot with my Olympus 45mm f 1.8 lens. I created the following smart album (choose File > New Smart Album to create a smart album):

Smart album 45

When you want to fill in the third field in the above dialog, click the arrow at the right of the field to see the available options; Photos shows all the lenses represented in your library.

I’ve done this for a number of my lenses, and for different cameras. It’s interesting to see which lenses get the most use.

You can also choose Focal Length is in the range, to find all your shots that are, say, 12 – 17mm, others that are, say, 50 – 150mm. You have a plethora of options in smart albums, and they can help you better view understand which of your tools you use the most.

You could also use this to determine which focal lengths you use the most with a given zoom lens. If you find that with, say, a 14-42mm lens, you shoot most around 25mm, you might want to consider buying a better 25mm prime lens instead of using what is generally a much slower zoom lens.

If you use different camera systems, with different crop factors, you might want to label your smart albums with the name of the camera or lens, along with the focal length. For example, my Fujifilm X100F has a 23mm lens, but, because of the crop factor, that’s about a 35mm equivalent. My Olympus 25mm lens is a 50mm equivalent.