Use Spotlight to Find Almost Anything on Your iOS Device

If you’re a Mac user, and especially if you’ve been following my recent series of articles, you know that you can use Spotlight to find just about anything on a Mac. You can use Spotlight to find apps, files, web info, and more; using keywords, you can create complex queries to find that elusive file; and you can even use Spotlight to run advanced searches in Finder windows.

iOS has its own version of Spotlight. While it’s more limited than the OS X version, you can still use it to find lots of things on your iPhone or iPad. In this article, I’ll show you how you can use Spotlight to search for all kinds of data on your iPhone; how you can launch apps with just a few keystrokes; how to find and play music using Spotlight; and how you can set up Spotlight to only get the search results you want, instead of getting overwhelmed.

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