Use the iTunes Artwork Screen Saver to Cover Your Screen with Album Art

If you use a screen saver on your Mac, you may have chosen to have some photos display, in one of the many options available from OS X’s Desktop & Screen Saver preference pane. This can be very nice, but if you have a big music collection, you can also use the iTunes Artwork screen saver. This displays your album artwork at random. To use this, select it in the Desktop & Screen Saver preference pane.

Screen saver prefs

If you click Screen Saver Options, you can choose how many rows display, and the delay before one of the graphics changes. For this screen saver isn’t static; the artwork changes, one at a time, every couple of seconds.

Here’s how it looks when in action:

Itunes artwork screen saver

Note that I’ve placed my cursor over an album near the center of the image; there’s a play button, and if you click this, you can start playing that album. This screen saver is a good way to view a random selection of your albums and choose one to play.

To exit the screen saver, just press the Escape key, or click the small Exit button at the bottom right of the screen.