Use the Old Apple TV Remote with the New Apple TV

ImageIf you have a new Apple TV, you may have already discovered that the new remote is not the ideal device for navigating lists in the Apple TV’s interface. If, for example, you have a long list of movies, and want to view one near the bottom of the list, you need to swipe, swipe, swipe, swipe, until you get to where you want.

However, you can still use the old Apple TV remote – the one to the left – with the new device. You can navigate much more easily by pressing the up and down buttons; and you can press and hold to move up or down a list quickly. And entering passwords, something that is hellish on the new Apple TV – is even easier with the old remote; you can press and hold the left and right buttons to move through the letter list.

So if you have one of these remotes, you might want to keep it handy. Unless you need the touch pad on the new remote, such as for playing a game, you may find the old remote easier to use. And it’s probably easier to use with a lot of games too.