Video Footage of Marcel Proust

The French magazine Le Point has posted a video, which, it is believed, shows Marcel Proust on film for the first time. There are plenty of photos of the author, but a piece of film shot during the wedding of Elaine Greffulhe, daughter of the Countess Greffulhe, in 1904, is thought to show Proust descending the stairs along with other guests at the wedding. Countess Greffulhe is thought to be the inspiration for Oriane de Guermantes in Proust’s A la recherche du temps perdu (In Search of Lost Time).

Here’s the video:

Proust is seen at the 0:37 mark, and looks like this:

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This is interesting just as an anecdote, but it’s also interesting to watch the rest of the people on the stairs, all of whom could be characters of Proust’s fiction.