Waiting for Changes to Be Applied

It would be really nice if iTunes said something more than just Waiting for Changes to Be Applied.

Waiting for changes

I’ve written a lot about iTunes syncing problems, but the most annoying thing is that iTunes says nothing about what’s going on. You can’t tell if a sync is stuck, or if iTunes is actually doing something. For example, if it were comparing tracks between my iTunes library and iPhone, it would be good to know that that’s what’s holding up the sync. Or if it had timed out, and the best thing would be to quit iTunes and not wait for the sync to continue.

As usual, I just wanted to sync a new album I ripped to my iPhone before I go walk on my treadmill. Instead of being able to do this, I’ll have to cancel the sync, most likely corrupting all the music on my iPhone, leading me to have to restore the device yet again. And Apple said they improved sync in the latest iTunes update…

I still long for the days when you could connect an iPod or iOS device, sync a few files, then unplug it.