What Does Apple Need to Fix?

Apple fix this

I recently debuted a new Macworld column: Hey Apple, Fix This! The first article looks at the problem of the Notes app on OS X that doesn’t have default font and size options. It’s not a big problem, but it’s an annoyance to many.

I have a long list of things that I think Apple needs to fix, but I’m sure many of you readers do as well. To this end, Macworld has set up an email address, fixthis@macworld.com, where you can send your thoughts for features in Apple software and hardware that need a going over.

You might have complaints about specific features in iTunes (yep, let’s go after that low-hanging fruit). You might be irked by the way something on your iPhone glitches. Or you might have problems with Apple’s cloud services. (That’d be a surprise…)

So, feel free to write in with your suggestions of topics I should cove in the Hey Apple, Fix This! column. It’ll appear every other Friday, alternating with my Ask the iTunes Guy column.