What every Apple user should know about software updates

You use lots of software, and much of it is updated regularly. Updates to apps–and also to the operating system–can provide new features, performance improvements, and bug fixes, and those fixes often remedy security vulnerabilities to protect you from potential threats. All of these are important, and it’s a good idea to keep your software updated. (In most cases, at least.) Here’s how.

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0 thoughts on “What every Apple user should know about software updates

  1. First, let me say, the article you linked to immediately opened, then immediately closed.

    I am one of those upgrade resisters. It’s a long story, but I’ll suffice to say, new upgrades orphan many very expensive pieces of software. I went to El Capetian because the iPhone required it. The slippery slope. I could only go that far because my Adobe Suite and FileMaker Pro both go dark after El Capetian.

    Then one night Apple creeped in an updated something. In the morning I was greeted with Sierra. What?

    Now illustrator is acting very strangely, and causing all kinds of problems. It’s simply a travesty for Apple to do that. I could sue them, but my legal fees would far exceed the costs for new software — except, Adobe no longer sells the package I want. And, I refuse to go to CC.

    So I take “upgrades” and “updates” with a grain of salt. Macintosh computers seem to work forever. It’s the industry itself that causes them to fail. If your car refused to log onto the road without an upgrade, you’d be pissed too.

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