What Happens When Your iOS Device Runs Out of Storage Space

You may have spotted my recent article about a lawsuit targeting Apple’s way of presenting iOS device storage. One thing that stood out when reading the complaint, which I didn’t mention in that article, was this allegation:

“Apple exploits the discrepancy between represented and available capacity for its own gain by offering to sell, and by selling, cloud storage capacity to purchasers whose internal storage capacity is at or near exhaustion. In fact, when the internal hard drive approaches “full,” a pop up ad opens up offering the purchaser the opportunity to purchase “iCloud” cloud storage.”

Well, this is just wrong. I tested it. Here’s what you see when your device starts getting full:

2015 01 03 12 28 46

What the complaint is probably describing is a pop-up that displays when your iCloud storage is nearly full; that’s quite a different kettle of fish. If they’re suing about storage on devices, and confuse iCloud storage with device storage, it’s likely they won’t last long in court.

As I said in my article, I don’t disagree entirely with the lawsuit, but this part is just plain wrong.