What if We’re All Wrong about Apple Watch Pricing?

Tim Cook has said:

Apple Watch starts at $349

In the latest episode of The Committed podcast, we discussed the Apple Watch, and mentioned the fact that the “Apple Watch” is a difficult name; not the product line, but that mid-range stainless steel model. We called the episode “Without Modifie,” to reflect the fact that, when discussing the watch, we needed to add a word when specifically referring to that model. It leads to confusion, and perhaps Cook’s pricing statement is also misleading everyone.

My pricing predictions, and those of most people, are based on the assumption that the Apple Watch Sport, which is clearly the least expensive model, will cost $349. But what if we’re all wrong? What if this means that the Apple Watch (tout court; the stainless steel version) is the $349 model? In this case, one could imagine the aluminum Apple Watch Sport costing, say, $199, and being a truly affordable new device that would get much faster uptake.

Just a thought…