What Vinyl Resurgence?

The BBC has published the results of a survey showing that half the people who buy vinyl records don’t even listen to them; many don’t even own turntables.

According to Digital Music News, who breaks down the survey, 52% of people own and use a turntable, 41% of people own turntables but don’t use them, and 7% of people buying vinyl don’t even own a turntable.

In the BBC report, a student explains that he buys vinyl records to collect them, and puts them on his wall because “they look nice.”

I own a few vinyl records – and no turntable – and I have bought them to support indie artists I like, and, potentially, as collectibles. I’m therefore like half the people who buy vinyl, showing that the much-vaunted “vinyl resurgence” isn’t even about the “warm sound” of LPs.