What’s the Best Cloud Storage Solution for Photos?

Yesterday, I wrote about how Apple Photos needs selective sync. It’s problematic that my library is very large, because I have raw files in addition to JPEGs, but that I can’t prevent those files from syncing to the cloud. I love iCloud Photo Library, but this is becoming a problem.

This morning, I had an issue with Messages, and contacted Apple Support. One thing they wanted me to do was sign out of my iCloud account on my Mac, where I’m having the issue, then sign in again. I told them that I simply could not do this, since it would take several days from my iCloud Photo Library to upload again. (I don’t know why iCloud doesn’t understand that the photos in the cloud and on my Mac are the same.)

I’ve now come to the conclusion that, as practical as iCloud Photo Library is, I can’t afford the hassle of using it, since it is so tightly linked to the overall iCloud account.

So what are the other options? I know that Adobe just announced a new version of Lightroom, with cloud storage, but I don’t want to use Lightroom; I will continue to use Photos to manage and edit my photos locally. What I want is a solution that allows me to take some of my photos from the Photos app and store them in the cloud, so I can access them from my other Mac, and from my iOS devices.

So, any recommendations?