When does an old iPhone become unsafe to use?

Some people upgrade to a new iPhone every year, to get the latest cameras or other features. But if you’re like most people, you keep your phone for several years before upgrading to a newer model. Perhaps you mainly use your iPhone for the basics, or feel that as long as it isn’t broken and the battery still holds a charge, there’s no real reason to upgrade. (In fact, Apple will even replace the battery for you at a reasonable price, if yours has lost too much of its capacity.)

However, you might not be aware that there’s a real danger in using an iPhone for too long. Specifically, if an iPhone can no longer run the latest version of Apple’s iOS operating system, it will miss out on a lot of critical security updates. Vulnerabilities that remain unpatched can put you at risk.

In this article, we’ll explain in greater detail why using an old iPhone can be dangerous, and which iPhone models are safe to buy in 2023.

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