Where Are All the Apple Leaks?

Apple is known as a secretive company (though probably no more or less secretive than others). They keep their new products close to the vest until they are announced. Nevertheless, there are lots of leaks about new Apple products, in the months, weeks, and days before their announcement.

Naturally, many, if not most of these leaks are intentional. Apple hides what it’s doing until it doesn’t want to hide it any more, and leaking information about new products is a good way to get attention in the press.

But this year, there are hardly any leaks. Apple’s annual World Wide Developer Conference kicks off next week, and there have been hardly any leaks. John Gruber points out, on Daring Fireball, that a story in Bloomberg about the coming Siri speaker takes a long time to present exactly one sentence of news:

800-word report for Bloomberg by Mark Gurman and Alex Webb on Apple’s long-rumored Siri speaker product, with one sentence of actual news:

“The iPhone-maker has started manufacturing a long-in-the-works Siri-controlled smart speaker, according to people familiar with the matter.”

Seriously, that’s about it for news about the product.

Even when Apple has released important new products, there have been leaks. But this time, nothing. Not even hints about incremental upgrades to Macs, nothing about new features in iOS or macOS, and not even a peep about anything else.

Secretive Apple? Or just nothing new in the cards for next week (except for the Siri speaker)?