Where Is the New 100K Track Limit for iTunes Match and iCloud Music Library? Where is Apple Music for Android?

Just like iTunes Match, iCloud Music Library – which you use if you subscribe to iTunes Match, or to Apple Music – has a limit of 25,000 tracks. Back in June, Eddy Cue tweeted that they were “working to get 100K for iOS 9.”

Eddy cue apple music limit

Apple also announced that an Android app would be released in the fall.

For now, we’re still waiting on both of these. I wonder where they are. I know a lot of music lovers are waiting for the increased track limit, as 25,000 tracks isn’t really a lot if you’ve ripped lots of CDs and bought lots of downloads over the years. As for the Android app, it could help what seems to be a morose uptake of Apple Music.