Which Is More Secure: Face ID, Touch ID, or a Passcode?

In an upcoming article, we’ll look at three security concerns that Apple is aware of—one of which is that twins and siblings can sometimes fool Face ID into unlocking their look-alike’s iPhone or iPad. This is common enough that auto-reply emails from Apple’s security team include a long section about how Face ID works and why it can be defeated in those circumstances.

When Apple introduced Face ID, the company told us that it was secure. Apparently it’s secure enough that financial institutions trust it for authentication, both with Apple Pay and with many banking apps. The same is true for Touch ID. But how secure are these technologies, really?

In this article, we’ll look at each of the three methods of authenticating on an iPhone or iPad: Face ID, Touch ID, and a passcode. And we’ll discuss which is the most secure, and why.

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