Why Apple Is Missing the Boat on Home Wi-fi

In April 2018, Apple announced that it was discontinuing its AirPort home wi-fi products. The AirPort Extreme, AirPort Express, and Time Capsule were easy-to-use routers and wi-fi access points that fit perfectly into the Apple ecosystem. The AirPort Express was the first easy way to stream music to devices in your home using AirPlay (initially called AirTunes), because you could connect a stereo or powered speakers to the device. And the Time Capsule contained a hard drive, to use for Time Machine backups. Presumably, sales of these devices weren’t good enough to maintain the product line and its software.

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5 thoughts on “Why Apple Is Missing the Boat on Home Wi-fi

  1. Hello Kirk,
    I took the plunge over the weekend and installed an Orbi mesh WiFi (1 router and two satellites) and retired my Airport WiFi setup (two extremes and one express). The improvement in WiFi download speeds is impressive, from 30MBps to over 200MBps. BUT, I was using an Airport Express to stream music through my stereo amplifier to my desktop speakers. Now, how do I do the same without the Airport Express? I still want to use the internal speaker on my Mac mini for the usual beeps, video calls, etc. Thus, I prefer not to use the audio out port to stream music. Do you have suggestions?

    • Yes, that’s a problem. I think you should just wire the desktop speakers to the Mac. The only other solution is AirPlay compatible speakers. There are bridges you can get, that work sort of like an AirPort Express, but I don’t know how reliable they are.

    • You could still use the Airport Express to join your new WiFi network and plug your speakers Into it. It should function in the same way on AirPlay as it did when it was a functioning part of your earlier all Apple network. It works for me.

  2. Kirk I have been thinking this exact same thing (albeit not as logical and structured as your excellent article) since Apple dropped Airport. It simply does not make sense. I have my small home wired for ethernet with the AirPort Extreme as the hub. It wirelessly reaches all areas very well. Kirk have you ever heard an explanation that sounded reasonable to you as to why Apple took this step? Do they not know that the majority of their customers believe that Apple will protect their privacy by far more than any of their competitors? With everyone (except me) rushing to digitize and network most home devices (smart) the upside for growth is huge. Write your buddy Tim Cook and make him change his mind!!!

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