Why Can’t Apple Fix iOS Syncing?

Here we go again. Yet another problem syncing an iOS device. It’s gotten to the point where syncing an iPhone or an iPad is a perilous task.

Today, I wanted to remove a couple of music playlists from my iPhone and add some others. I checked the capacity bar in iTunes, which showed me that I had a couple of GB of free space.


But when I went to make the change – removing more content than I was adding – I was greeted with this message:


This isn’t like the problems where iTunes suddenly doesn’t recognize the audio files as being music, and shows them as “Other;” this is different. The music is clearly recognized as such, but iTunes – and the iPhone – simply aren’t communicating correctly.

I’ve written about this recently, discussing the huge problems that many users experience syncing their devices. I get lots of emails about this, and Apple’s support forums abound with tales of syncing woes.

I know the solution (which is often just temporary) is to restore the device; to take a couple of hours to copy all my media content and apps. But I’m tired of doing that. I’m fed up with having to do that repeatedly with iOS devices. I really wish Apple would pay more attention to this issue, and fix syncing; or at least offer some guidance as to what’s going on when something like this goes wrong.

I used to think that the ability to have iTunes sync to iOS devices was what made Apple’s products work so well; it has now become the thing that prevents them from working.