Why I Won’t Use Apple Notes

Apple’s Notes app is quite useful. You can store notes on your Macs and iOS devices, and they sync via iCloud. You can view attachments, and you can even lock individual notes, in the latest versions of Apple’s operating systems.

But I won’t use the app.

Apple made a stupid design decision: they don’t allow users to choose a default font and size in the OS X version of the app. In iOS, the Notes app inherits the overall font settings you choose; if you choose to increase the size of the system font, then the font in Notes gets bigger. But on OS X, there is no such system font size setting. So all notes start out in a tiny (to me) font.

You can change the font size of individual notes; go to Format > Font > Show Fonts, and then choose a size from the font picker. Yes, it’s that “simple.” Rather than have a default font size, Apple assumes that everyone uses a tiny font. Yet another example of disdain through simplification.

Notes tiny font

(Actual size. The font may be big enough for some users, but not for me. Also, I’d like to use a fixed-width font. But I don’t want to change the font every time I create a new note.)

There’s also another annoyance: links in notes show up in yellow – the same color as the app’s icon – which doesn’t contrast very well against a white background. Again, users should have a choice, or Apple’s designers should learn the basics of contrast in working with fonts.

Note with links

Update: I was reminded that Command-+ increases the size of a note text, but only if you have selected that text.