Why Your Business Should Go Paperless

Businesses are built on documents, and even before you start up your business, you discover how many documents you need to function. From business plans to bank statements, from employment contracts to NDAs, your business is awash in documents. As these documents pile up, they take up space, and you spend a lot of time looking for the right one when you need to check some terms or conditions.

We recently explained why you should use SaaS accounting software for your startup, and another way to make your business more efficient is to go paperless. As much as possible, store digital versions of documents and shred the paper.

Here’s why your business should go paperless.

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  1. I know this isn’t the topic of the article, but it’s tangentially related. I’ve often wondered what the environmental impact is of going paperless. I think it’s the opposite of what most people think. I believe it has a negative effect given that trees are a renewable resource and the process of making paper isn’t too terrible on the environment. Versus, server farms, upgrades, hazardous materials in the upgraded servers, energy consumption of the servers etc…

    Would love to see an article from someone who has doug up the facts. I’m just going on a hunch.

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